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Pineapple in Syrup

At Agroselva we are aware that enjoying pineapple is not an easy task, that is why we have the presentation of pineapple in syrup. The fruit to be packed is first isolated from contact with the air, then it is immersed in a sugary liquid (syrup), and finally they are hermetically sealed. The absence of oxygen and the application of heat, inhibit and destroy most of the enzymes and microorganisms that can cause food spoilage.

5 Reasons to choose pineapple in Agroselva syrup:

1 Perfect to consume as a dessert in summer.

2 Contains fiber, phosphorous, iron, vitamin A, B1, B6 and B9.

3 Its presentation facilitates the preparation of cocktails and desserts.

4 It can last much longer stored than fresh fruit.

5 Pineapple is a great diuretic that helps eliminate retained fluids.

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