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Our organic ginger it is a root with multiples properties, it is an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, consume it reduce muscular pain, also reduce inflammation product of gastritis and osteoporosis. Ginger is really appreciated for relieve queasiness, favors digestion, reduces heartburn and prevent gastritis. In the same way, it is perfect for cough and sore throat. This precious root is recognize for prevents clots; reduce high blood cholesterols levels and hypertension risk.


Ginger can be use in natural state o dry, for penetrating aroma it is ideal like seasoning for meats, seafood and sausages, essentially to potencies it flavor. Raw ginger provide near to 79% of water, 28% of carbohydrates, 2% of proteins and 1% of greases. Apart from that, most frequently use it is like natural supplement, because help to lose weight, burn corporal grease; a common way to consume is at mornings with tea and some lemon drops.

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