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Pulp Fruit

To transform fruits into pulps our products go through a evaluation process, only the healthy, mature and clean fruits are separate to be pasteurized. For that reason our customers can be completely sure to be eating a healthy and natural product, this contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. Agroselva pulps are ready to use, also this kind of packaging offer us enjoy out of season fruits.  An extra advantage between of fruit pulps and fresh fruits are that pulp does not spoil easily, under this premise you can conserve it for a long time and still keep the same fabulous flavor.

Advantage of Agroselva pulp fruits:

  1. You only buy useful part of fruit.
  2. Avoid nasty smells and unnecesary fruit trash.
  3. It is an easy and practical way to carry and handle fruits.
  4. This kind of packaging help you save time while prepare a dish, beverage or dessert.
  5. Conservations space of this product it is minimum compare to fresh fruits.

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