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Agroselva have an entire variety of select fruits, each of them have a unique benefits for your heath, it does not hurt to emphasize that always is better to enjoy seasonal fresh fruits, in this way you can appreciate diversity offer you differents seasons. Remember, eat fresh fruits regularly not only benefit us to maintain a proper weight, also help to prevent future cardiovascular illness, digestive disorders, lower cholesterol, among others. Fresh fruits are compose of 80% of water prevents us from dehydration, keep us full of energy, increase our retention levels, also reduce stress levels.

5 reasons to prefer fresh fruits:

1 Fresh fruits contribuit with vitamins, fibre and minerals.

2 Produce a satiety sensation also help for intestinal transit.

3 Help to prevent some kind of cancer and neurodegenerative illness.

4 Are delicious and healthy, also have less calories and 0% of saturade fats.

5 Contain minerals and these contribute to prevent premature cell aging, providing you a youth skin appearance, bright, fresh and heath.

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