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Every single of our fruits entails months of cares to grow in optimal conditions, in order to achieve our extrict quality standards. The result always make us feel proud about our hard work.


To offer you the best nectars we must to recollect the best fruits in excellent maturation state. Fresh, exotics and nutraceuticals, nectars without dyes and no flavorings. For that reason our costumers can be sure to drink nutrition beverage, this one contribute with many vitamins to improve your live quality.


Our pasteurized pulp fruits are products that preserve their nutritional values, it does not contain dye either sugar. Pulps are perfect for any kind of shakes, desserts, sauce, vinaigrette, spirits and jams.


Agroselva orange juices are 100% naturals, contribute with vitamin C, fiber and necessary minerals to begin your mornings. Our crops fields are own and are in process of organic certification.


We capture the finest natural flavorings of each fruit, in order to create a product that preserves the flavor, color, texture, aroma and nutrition of natural fruits. Our concentrates can be used in the preparation of desserts and drinks


We know that extracts not only provide nutrients to your body, they also strengthen your immune system. That is why at Agroselva we make extracts of carrots, beets, yacon, and mix of beets, apples with carrots ready to drink.


An easy and delicious way to enjoy pineapple, this presentation allows you to easily prepare any recipe. Agroselva pineapple in syrup is perfect for cakes, cocktails, salads and puddings.

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